Kayaking on Lake Hayes, Queenstown

Queenstown Weather & Forecast

Local weather and forecast

Find out what the current weather conditions are in Queenstown or how the forecast is looking for your upcoming visit.

Queenstown Weather & Forecast

Looking like rain?

Is the weather in Queenstown looking like rain for your visit? Never fear, you'll find a variety of indoor thrills to ensure you enjoy your time in Queenstown while keeping a roof over your head. 

Queenstown's Four Seasons

Summer, autumn, spring or winter, it is hard to choose which season is the best in Queenstown. The four seasons in Queenstown are distinctly beautiful and each offers unique reasons to visit including long warm days in summer, crisp blue bird days for skiing in winter, beautiful golden landscapes in autumn and lush green valleys with snowy mountains in spring. Find out more about how to enjoy each season in Queenstown on our season's information page.

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