All travellers in New Zealand must self-isolate as of 11:59pm on Wednesday 25 March 2020.

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Skyline mountain bike park


Summer Events Guide

Queenstown is a hive of activity in summer. With an array of outdoor concerts, summer markets and exciting sporting events, Queenstown is the place to be this summer! Here's what's on, so book your accommodation and get planning.
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Five Great Day Walks in Queenstown with Lake Views

Queenstown’s beautiful landscapes are on display from all angles on our hiking trails. If glistening lake views are your thing, it’s worth the effort to see the curve of the shores carved by millennia of glacial movement from a lakeside trail. Choose from one of these five great day walks.
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Rope Swings of Queenstown

A rope swing is a sure sign of a swimming hole or picnic spot that’s popular with families and kids. There are loads of rope swings hidden along lakeside walks and trails, here's the insiders guide on where to find them.
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8 Things To Do in Summer in Queenstown

Warm days, long evenings and dazzling starry nights make Queenstown irresistible in the summertime. There's an incredible range of inspiring activities, ranging from easy to extreme. Which of these adventures will you put on your holiday hit list?
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Things to do in Arrowtown Over Summer

Just 20 minutes from Queenstown lies Arrowtown, the historic gold mining town that glitters with the memory of those days in the heady summer months. Peak summer temperatures can reach the mid-30s (that’s Celsius), so many activities that locals and visitors relate to feature water and refreshments!
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