Check out our weekly mountain bike Dirt Report videos to get the latest information on riding conditions, trail updates and events taking place across Queenstown and Wānaka mountain bike parks and trails.

Queenstown boasts three lift-assisted parks, gravity-fed downhill biking and a huge variety of trails to suit riders of all abilities and styles. Whether you’re chasing groomed trails or untamed gnarly runs, Queenstown is your ultimate biking destination.

Hosted by local rider Nick Hyne and featuring a range of passionate locals, catch the latest Queenstown and Wānaka Dirt Report roundup below.

Dirt Report – 2 March

It’s time to wrap up our Queenstown Wānaka Dirt Reports but the season, but not before bringing you an actioned-packed episode to get you hyped for the Crankworx Summer Series New Zealand Festival that’s on now until 12 March!

Remember the riding season doesn’t stop here, with all of the parks open until at least April or May. There’s still plenty of time to hit the trails and get involved in local events, so bring on the autumn riding!

Dirt Report – 16 February

This week’s Queenstown Wānaka Dirt Report is brought to you from Wynyard Bike Park, known for having some of the largest (and most epic) public jumps lines in the world.

Stay tuned for the latest updates from around the region including the new trail from the bottom of Rude Rod into upper Hot Rod, the upcoming Crankworx Summer Series New Zealand, as well as other local events, and trail conditions for the week ahead.

Dirt Report - 2 February 

Here’s our latest Dirt Report covering everything mountain bike-related happening across Queenstown and Wānaka. Check out this week's episode for a recap of the epic 10-day Queenstown Bike Festival and information about the upcoming legendary Crankworx Summer Series New Zealand festival.

Dirt Report - 20 January

Queenstown Wānaka Dirt reports are back, bringing you the latest information on riding conditions, trail updates and events taking place across the region. Tune in for an action-packed report covering the 10-day Queenstown Bike Festival that kicks off today, information about Coronet Peak’s sunset sessions, how you could win a $9000 Trek bike and more.

Big thanks to Jess Blewitt for joining us for this week's episode!

Dirt Report - 24 November

This week’s Queenstown Wānaka Dirt Report is packed with exciting events and bike park updates. We’re stoked to announce two huge events coming to you in 2023, the legendary Crankworx Summer Series New Zealand, which will see up and coming riders competing with some of the world’s best mountain bikers and the Queenstown Bike Festival, 10 days of action from Mega trains, to slopestyles, to Super D.

Coronet Peak & Cardrona Bike Parks are opening for the season on 10 December, so get ready to hit the trails and get involved with their upcoming events.

We’re wrapping up our weekly Dirt Reports for 2023, we’ll be back early next year with more mountain bike updates over the Queenstown & Wānaka region.

Dirt Report - 10 November

For this week’s Queenstown and Wānaka Dirt Report, we catch up with some of the Queenstown Mountain Bike Club volunteers for their weekly ‘Dig Night’, where passionate riders help build and maintain tracks across the region. Stay tuned for the best trails to ride this week and updates from the Queenstown and Wānaka bike parks. If you are keen to get involved in the weekly Dig Nights, head to the Queenstown Mountain Bike Club Facebook page for more information.

Dirt Report - 27 October

Here’s the latest Queenstown Wānaka Dirt Report covering trail updates, riding conditions and events happening across the region. The trails are riding nice and tacky following some rain this week, and there’s a new blue tech trail, BlueGazi, to check out at the Queenstown Bike Park!

Huge shout out to the trail crew legends who have been working hard to make sure all the tracks are in excellent condition.

Dirt Report - 13 October

Welcome back to the Queenstown Wānaka Dirt Report, where we’re kicking things off at the Queenstown Bike Park which is open and ready for an epic biking season. If you are new to the series, tune in every second Thursday for the latest on everything bikes, dirt and events!  

Queenstown is home to three lift-assisted parks, gravity-fed downhill biking and a huge variety of world-class trails to suit riders of all styles. Events are a huge part of the biking scene here, from major gigs like the Crankworx Summer Series to the grass-roots events put on by the local bike clubs and community, there’s plenty to get involved in throughout the season.

Here's the low down for this week!


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