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Helpful information to get you started

Getting married in Queenstown is easy.

In New Zealand it’s simple to personalise your wedding ceremony. A registered marriage celebrant can marry you anywhere, anytime, so long as you complete some simple legal formalities first. And you can write your own vows.

There are five easy steps to getting married in Queenstown.

1. Decide where you’re going to get married

You must include your wedding location in your application for a marriage license. If you have a back-up location, include that in your application too, as you can only marry in the locations you specify.

If you’re planning a heli-wedding, where your ceremony location may be affected by the weather, your wedding organiser will give you marriage license application support.

2.  Choose your marriage celebrant

Find a celebrant in the Queenstown area. Confirm that they’re happy to marry you in the location you have chosen and the date of your ceremony.

If you choose a Queenstown wedding package, these often include the services of a marriage celebrant. Your wedding organiser will be able to help you confirm these details.

3. Apply for your marriage license

A marriage license application takes three working days to process, so apply at least three days before your wedding day. The license expires after three months.

Anyone can apply for a marriage license online, whether you live in New Zealand or not.

You’ll need the following details to apply for your marriage license online:

  • Your wedding location (and back-up location).
  • Your celebrants’ name.
  • All first, middle, and last names for you and your partner.
  • All first, middle, and last names at birth, if different.
  • Your places, and dates, of birth.
  • Your occupations.
  • If either of you were previously in a marriage or civil union, the date the dissolution or divorce order was sealed, or date of death.
  • All first, middle, and last names, of your parents and your partner’s parents.
  • All parents’ last names at their birth, if different.

To find out more about applying for your marriage license, or to apply online, read the New Zealand Government’s guidelines.


4. Arrange your witnesses

You need two witnesses at the ceremony. These can be friends or family, or if you’re eloping, they can be strangers. There is no age restriction for the witnesses but it's at the celebrant's discretion.

5. Get married

You, your celebrant, and your witnesses must be physically present in the same place.

Your celebrant will give you a Copy of particulars of marriage and register your marriage with the New Zealand government. The Copy of particulars of marriage is not the same as a marriage certificate. If you want a marriage certificate as an official record of your marriage, you can apply online.

That’s it. It’s all simple and straightforward, and your Queenstown marriage celebrant will support you if you have any questions. The New Zealand Government’s information on how to get married in NZ is also clear and helpful.

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