There is an official boil water notice for some areas of Queenstown. For specific locations and up to date advice check the QLDC website below.

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You tell us life is bigger here. You feel more, experience more. 

That’s why we know this place is special­­­­­­­­.

Since the late 1800s, Queenstown has been the home of countless adventures set to the stunning scenery and landscape we all love – you probably have some incredible memories here. In the 1950s, Queenstown became a pioneer in adventure tourism. Ever since then, people have been drawn here, and travel became the major economic driver for Queenstown Lakes.

Then, in 2020, our hiking and bike trails emptied, and the chairlifts stopped spinning. With a little bit more time on our hands, we could reflect on what a better future for Queenstown could look like.

We talked to our locals, our community, and our businesses to hear what they wanted for the future of this place. Their unanimous answers formed a plan to guide Queenstown's future. Together, we set a big, audacious goal...

By 2030, Queenstown will be a regenerative tourism destination with a carbon zero visitor economy.


Regenerative Travel in Queenstown

When you visit Queenstown, you feel like a temporary local. You’ll take your time, get to know the community, connect with our culture, and give back.

Your trip will help to:

  • Forge connections between your culture and ours
  • Support our local community
  • Restore the landscape
  • Provide funding for new and innovative projects

An explanation of Sustainability vs Regeneration


How You Can Join the Mission

We would love your help to protect this place. Together, we’ll ensure Queenstown thrives as a regenerative destination into the future.

Here’s three easy ways you can take part:

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How We're Achieving Carbon Zero

Frankly, we’re not 100% sure. We know that some of the technology we’ll use to achieve this goal is yet to be invented. What we do know is that we’ll harness the pioneering spirit that of Queenstown to innovate and reach our goal.

A team of industry experts and advisors, including scientific advisors, policy advisors, and government representatives – are working on solutions as we speak. These experts are working alongside our awesome local businesses and organisations who are already on the regenerative journey.

Together, we are committed to creating a regenerative future for Queenstown. We believe that by working together, we can achieve our goal of becoming a carbon zero visitor economy.


A timeline of Key milestones on the way to Regenerative tourism by 203-


Your Questions about Regenerative Travel





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