Travel to a thriving future is Queenstown Lakes’ roadmap to regenerative tourism by 2030.

This is an exciting journey that brings opportunities for everyone in the region and greater wellbeing for people and the planet. 

The plan comprehensively outlines three strategic pillars and the foundations required to reach a regenerative visitor economy by 2030. Under these areas are 23 projects to be delivered over the coming years. Below are outlines of the projects that are currently underway and how you can get involved. 

Project 9: Carbon zero by 2030.

Objective: Reach Carbon Zero By 2030.

Description: This keystone project is the effort to decarbonise the visitor economy of Queenstown Lakes by 2030. It is ambitious. Partners and tourism businesses will collaborate in planning and implementing pathways to reaching carbon zero. This project needs to align with and supercharge the Spatial Plan, the Climate and Biodiversity plan and QLDC transport plan.

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Carbon Zero Scoping Document Cover

Project 14: Love Wānaka / Love Queenstown

Objective: Increase The Total Value Of The Visitor Economy, Net Of All Costs And Leakage.

Description: This project completes the work already begun to create local community funds that will provide opportunities to receive and hold funds that support environmental and community goals. It may also support projects that visitors can get involved with and provide an option for visitors to give back financially.

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