Please take the time to treat our place with respect while you’re here to ensure it remains as stunning for the next visitor, and for those who call Queenstown and its surrounds home.

1. Take only photographs, leave only footprints. Find some special photography spots here.

2. Please only park or freedom camp where there are signs saying you’re allowed.

3. When nature calls, please answer that call using facilities provided around the region or in your fully self-contained vehicle.

4. Be safe, be prepared for all conditions and all adventures. Find out how

5. Bring your own reusable bag, disposable cutlery, straw or take-away coffee cup, there are heaps of local eateries and shops that will offer a small discount if you do!

6. Put your rubbish in the bin! If there are specific bins for recycling or biodegradables, use them properly. If you’re not sure, just ask!

7. Use Queenstown’s Orbus $2 bus system to get around instead of taxis or hiring a vehicle—you’ll save on parking costs and it’s easier on the budget too!

8. Travel under your own steam—hire a bike or walk to your destination.

9. Pick up after your pets when you bring them on holiday. There are special dog-shaped bins at a number of dog-walking spots in Queenstown.

10. If you encounter any wildlife on your adventures, please leave it alone—don’t feed the kea! Please also don’t give the ducks any bread as it’s very unhealthy for them. If you find any injured wildlife, contact the Department of Conservation.