The Plan

Queenstown Lakes' Regenerative Tourism Plan

Queenstown Lakes' destination management plan, Travel to a Thriving Future, aims to achieve regenerative tourism and a carbon zero visitor economy by 2030.

It is an output of the Queenstown Lakes District Grow Well Whaiora Spatial Plan. It offers opportunities for the region and greater wellbeing for people and the planet as regenerative tourism benefits communities, the environment, and the economy.

Collaboration between residents, communities, organisations, and businesses on the plan's strategic pillars and projects is crucial for progress towards this vision, ensuring the preservation of Queenstown Lakes for future generations.

Goal: Regenerative tourism by 2030

Keystone project: The visitor economy of Queenstown Lakes reaches carbon zero by 2030



Travel to a thriving future, Queenstown Lakes Regenerative Tourism Plan

Learn about the vision, goals, strategic pillars, and projects to reach a regenerative visitor economy by 2030.

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