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The Visitor Insights Dashboard utilises a combination of a Microsoft PowerBI interactive report embedded in the webpages and links to PDF's. PowerBI is an easy-to-use tool that works very similarly to other Microsoft products, like excel. For further information, guides, and recordings about how to use the Visitor Insights Dashboard, please refer to the below resources. 

How to use the Visitor Insights Dashboard 

Explains how to access the Visitor Insights Dashboard, its features and how to use PowerBI.

Data Source Guide

Information about the data sources used, update frequency and links to further information.


About the Visitor Insights Dashboard

The Visitor Insights Dashboard provides members and stakeholders with easy-to-understand visitor-related data and RTO-led research. With this, members and stakeholders should be able to draw their own insights to guide business decisions and activity. It has been created in collaboration with Destination Queenstown.

The dashboard has been created in collaboration with Destination Queenstown and includes data from a variety of sources, including publicly available tourism data, privately purchased data, and Lake Wānaka Tourism and Destination Queenstown research.

The Visitor Insights Dashboard has been created as part of Travel to a Thriving Future (Queenstown Lakes’ Destination Management Plan) in line with foundation project 3: Data and Measurement Framework.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact Molly Hope, Lake Wānaka Tourism or Eilidh Blanchard, Data and Insights Analyst at Destination Queenstown.

The data sets, insights, and related resources have been created for use by Lake Wānaka Tourism and its membership base only. They are not for publication or dissemination without consulting Eilidh Blanchard at Destination Queenstown prior.