Destination Queenstown Reporting

Destination Queenstown aims to communicate our activity transparently with our member businesses. Below you will find insights on market trends, DQ led activity, and events attended over the last 12 months by the DQ team. 

For further information on any of the reports published here, or to access any historic reports contact Member Services.  


Consumer Marketing Activity


Queenstown winter activity

DQ’s winter activity went live in Australia on 1 March, focused on driving destination preference for a Queenstown winter and ski holiday. This is a fully integrated approach across consumer, media and trade channels targeting both our ‘Winter Lovers’ and ‘Ski Enthusiast’ audiences.

Activity is led by a hero winter brand video and a new ski enthusiast video, to drive awareness and get people dreaming of a winter holiday in Queenstown in 2024.

Winter activity also goes live in the domestic market on 1 May.



Media & Comms Activity Reporting



Travel Trade Activity Reporting



Queenstown Convention Bureau Activity Reporting