Travel to a thriving future is an output and a priority initiative of the Grow Well | Whaiora Spatial Plan. 

How the process will continue

To match local government planning processes, this plan will be reviewed and updated every three years. That enables the Destination Management Group to learn, revise the plan and improve moving forward. The timing also allows reviews of this plan to be aligned with both the district and regional government’s long-term planning and budgeting processes. The positive vision for what tourism can become in Queenstown Lakes, and the strategies to get there, rely on the consistent support of passionate residents and stakeholders who make this place what it is.

Individual Project Implementation

There are 23 individual projects identified that will support reaching the region's vision of travel to a thriving future and a regenerative visitor economy.  The destination management group (DMG) will be responsible for the overarching management of projects, with several different entities involved in operationalising and delivering the projects themselves. Key entities involved in this will include Destination Queenstown, Lake Wānaka Tourism, and Queenstown Lakes District Council.

Each project will begin the implementation of each project by following a 7-30-90 model. 

  • First 7 days: The DMG assigns a project leader.
  • First 30 days: Allocate resources, including members of the project task force. 
  • First 90 days: Present plan to the DMG, including KPIs and targets that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-based. Determine the role of the project team toward achieving those goals: lead, support, or advocate.

Projects in Progress

Travel to a Thriving Future, the Queenstown Lakes' Destination Management Plan was endorsed by Queenstown Lakes District Council in February 2023. Several projects are now underway. Find out more about these projects progress so far and how you can get involved. 


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