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Queenstown's tourism sector thrives on its reputation as a renowned tourist destination and "Adventure Capital of the World.” These sectors are some of the key economic drivers that create diverse hospitality, marketing, outdoor guiding, and event management job opportunities. Working here means being part of a vibrant community that values exceptional customer experiences and outdoor adventures. It’s perfect for those seeking a career that combines a passion for adventure with the opportunity to engage with people from around the globe.

World famous for its adventure, snow sports, and visitor attractions, Queenstown is an excellent location to advance your tourism career.

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Why Work in the Queenstown Tourism Industry?

  • Immerse yourself in the heart of adventure, engaging with activities that define Queenstown globally.
  • Access a broad spectrum of roles, from adventure guiding to luxury hospitality, ensuring a fit for various skill sets.
  • Interact with visitors from around the world, enhancing cultural understanding and global networking.
  • Work amidst some of the most spectacular natural landscapes in the world, enriching your daily working life.
  • Thrive in an energetic and evolving sector where no two days are the same.
  • Gain valuable experience and skills in a high-demand and world-class industry, opening pathways for career advancement.
  • Join a supportive community passionate about tourism and sustainability, sharing a common goal of delivering memorable experiences.
  • Benefit from Queenstown's unique work-life balance, blending job satisfaction with lifestyle pursuits.


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of total employment in the Queenstown-Lakes District was in the tourism sector


Average employment growth in the tourism sector in Queenstown since 2000


increase in employment in the tourism sector in Queenstown-Lakes in 2023

Highlights for Queenstown-Lakes District (2023)

  • The tourism sector employed an average of 11,919 people in Queenstown-Lakes District in 2023. This amounted to 37.5% of Queenstown-Lakes District's total employment in 2023.
  • Employment growth in the tourism sector in Queenstown-Lakes District has averaged 3.9%pa between 2000 and 2023, compared with an average of 1.7%pa in New Zealand.
  • Employment in the tourism sector increased by 49.7% in 2023 in Queenstown-Lakes District, compared with increases of 48.0% in New Zealand and 48.0% in New Zealand.


ANZSIC Level 1 industries


Queenstown-Lakes District


New Zealand




% of total



% of total

Tourism sector







Filled jobs, year to March 2023 -

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