Queenstown, the Place to Work

“I love how cosmopolitan it is here; there are so many different nationalities.
In our business alone, we have people from all around the world.” 

— John, Kinloch Lodge (Our People Our Home)


Discover More Than a Career in Queenstown

In Queenstown, a career becomes a lifestyle within a driven and vibrant community that prioritises work-life balance.

Diverse sectors offer hospitality, tourism, film, and technology jobs, complemented by breathtaking natural beauty. In this setting, your career transforms into an adventure, effortlessly blending professional pursuits with lifestyle aspirations.


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The Industry in Queenstown

Queenstown's economy is a dynamic mix of tourism, adventure sports, film, and technology, positioning it as a bustling workplace hub. Beyond thrill-seeking and adventure tourism, the town is evolving with tech startups, film projects, sustainable farming, and a growing wine industry, diversifying its economic base.

This commitment to sustainability and innovation creates a nurturing ground for entrepreneurs and businesses targeting global influence. This varied and inventive economic scene generates jobs and growth and cements Queenstown as a progressive community, ready to tackle future challenges and seize opportunities.


Innovation in Queenstown

Queenstown is a hub for innovative thinkers. Are you next?

Historically, Queenstown has been a place for visionaries and action-takers, from its initial settlers sculpting the landscape to contemporary adventurers extending frontiers. The town nurtures creative thinking and new ideas. Explore tales of former pioneers and peek into Queenstown's future. Embark with us as we push beyond conventional limits, striving for a sustainable tomorrow.