Waking up to Queenstown may inspire a rumbling stomach, so heading off in search of breakfast may take you as far as the hotel buffet, or further afield to one of our award-winning cafes like Bespoke Kitchen or Vudu Cafe. From breakfast bowls rich in house-made muesli and coconut milk, to a Mexican inspired start to the day or a traditional cooked breakfast, there’s a delicious breakfast waiting for every vegan or vegetarian.


Once lunch rolls around there are even more bites to seek out in Queenstown, or in Arrowtown and Glenorchy if you’ve explored further afield for the day. In town a salad bursting with beans and nuts will keep you going, and there’s vege sandwich options in many cafes with roasted veges, pumpkin bread and cheese. For a lunch dessert there’s gelato and sweet treats galore all over town—and even at some dedicated sweet offerings like Patagonia Chocolates and Mrs Ferg Gelateria right on the waterfront, or along Queenstown’s bustling main streets.

In Arrowtown a lunch break can be accompanied by a locally brewed beer or award-winning wine at a streetside pub, or explore the alleyways and riverside for a café serving burgers, salads or indulge in crepes overlooking the Arrow River.



Queenstown's wineries are well equipped for vegetarians, with Amisfeld, a lake-side cellar door bistro, even foraging salad greens from nearby.

Back in Queenstown and on the hunt for some dinner? On one corner there’s world-famous vege burgers from Fergburger or head to Devil Burger for another local favourite (hold the cheese and mayo for a vegan option, but you don’t need us to tell you that!) Take away down to the waterfront for a sunset dining experience, alternatively go for tasty Indian dishes from the masters of vegetarian cuisine or modern New Zealand dishes incorporating the freshest veges in creative ways.

Vegan and vegetarians can enjoy fresh local produce in Queenstown's various restaurants and cafes.